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SHEDI Automated laser bird repellent system.


Bird infestation in buildings causes destruction and mess, fire hazard and disease, birds eat and spoil foods and attract rodents.


The SHEDI by Avian Solutions is an automated laser bird repellent system that effectively and harmlessly eliminates birds from buildings, while not effecting people and other animals. This cost-efficient solution will quickly and permanently rid indoor areas from bird nuisance.



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  • Tips For Success

    Study the bird infestation problem before instillation: species of bird, entry & exit points, nesting and roosting locations, flight paths, hours of activity.


    Most small bird species have a lifespan of approximately 3 years, in badly infested buildings the effectiveness of the laser will increase over this period due to the attrition of the original habituated birds.


    Removing evidence of birds beforehand will help prevent birds returning- nests, droppings, dead birds, nesting material, bird related smells.


    For large or badly infested buildings, or where 100% eradication is required we recommend installing 2 lasers at opposite ends or corners of the area, this eliminates all shadowing and significantly increases effectiveness.


    Moving the laser occasionally will help prevent habituation and will stop nesting in areas shadowed from the laser beams.


    Mounting the laser so it sweeps the birds entry point will increase effectiveness. Birds strongly dislike being lasered in flight.


    The supplied wall timer can be set to turn the laser off during hours of darkness when birds are not active.


    Installing a laser in a new building before the birds move in is very effective, in most cases the birds never move in.


    Buildings with no exposed food present are less likely to have birds return.


    Buildings with alternative nesting sites nearby, e.g. trees are easier to eradicate birds from.


    It is common to also see a reduction in rodent numbers, through aversion to laser beams and reduction of birds eggs.


    For more information or to download the instruction manual, please see our Support page.

  • Specifications

    Input Voltage 12 - 15v DC
    Input Current 0.25A - 1.5A
    Power Consumption 3.5 - 23w
    Laser Hazard Class 3B "Avoid exposure to beam"
    Laser Power 5 - 499 milliwatts
    Laser Frequency 400-700 nano meters (visible light)
    Laser Type Diode laser, pulsed
    Scanning Angle 80° Horizontal, 50° Vertical
    Ambient Temperature -20° to +50°C
    Size 200mm x 160mm x 110mm
    Weight 1.7 kg
    Ingress Protection IP20
    Housing Aluminium
    Power Adapter

    100 - 240V AC input

    12v DC 3A output

      5.5/2.1mm plug
      1.5m cord + 2m extension cord


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